Quality Assurance

Our 4 star+ guarantee 

All items sold are guaranteed to be handpicked, recycled and of the highest second hand quality. Due to the nature of this, there may be some imperfections or signs of wear. All imperfections or wear signs are listed in the items description. 

Every article of clothing is washed and goes through quality assurance to ensure the piece is in excellent condition. Any small imperfections will be fixed before it hits the rack. Any remaining imperfections will be clearly and honestly listed. All items sold are 4 to 5 stars in quality. 

3 stars

We don’t sell that here! As much as we take pride in giving everything a second chance, we know you love our quality, and we want to continue to provide you with pieces you can be confident in buying every time. 

4 stars 

The piece is in great vintage condition. There are some signs of wear but the piece is in good condition and was too good to be passed up.

4.5 stars 

The piece is in near perfect condition with only the tiniest indication that it may have been worn a few times.

5 stars 

The piece is in perfect condition and looks as if it has been worn once or never been worn.